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We answer some questions you might never have thought of.

    The INSPIRE COLLECTION constitutes our most affordable range, offering: Standard dimensions for showers or tub-showers; A selection from 7 sets; Three protective finish options available: matte, satin, or glossy; Fast delivery times. To order this collection, please contact one of our listed distributors in the "Find a distributor" section of our website.
  • Can modifications be made to the INSPIRE COLLECTION?
    Given that fast delivery is one of the main features of the INSPIRE COLLECTION, only the three protective finish options are available: matte, satin, or glossy.
    The SELECT COLLECTION offers full customization. It stands out with: A variety of available dimensions (up to 120 inches x 72 inches), allowing for use as shower cladding, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, accent walls, and much more; A wide range of over 200 images to choose from; Three protective finish options available: matte, satin, or glossy. To order this collection, please contact one of our listed distributors in the "Find a distributor" section of our website.
    The ARTISTS COLLECTION is truly unique. It stands out with: A range of dimensions up to 120 inches x 72 inches, allowing for versatile use such as shower cladding, backsplashes, fireplaces, accent walls, and much more. A wide selection of artwork signed by Quebec and international artists, with royalties paid to the artists. Three protective finish options available: matte, satin, or glossy. To order this collection, please contact one of our listed distributors in the "Find a distributor" section of our website.
    The TAILOR-MADE COLLECTION embodies inspiration and significance. Immerse yourself in the very essence of design through our comprehensive custom wall design service. Firstly, when creating your masterpiece, you'll have a consultation with our creative team to gather basic information about your project (room dimensions, decor style, sources of inspiration, textures, colors, etc.). Next, we'll delve deeper into the process by exploring each individual's interests and passions. This way, our team can create a work that blends various aspects of each person's personality, resulting in a unique and representative piece. Finally, what sets apart an original creation signed by Muraluxe is its flexibility: it can be integrated at any stage of the project. Our team can design a work that serves as the basis for the entire room design, or it can seamlessly integrate into an existing layout. For this collection, we invite you to contact us directly by visiting the "Contact us" section of our website.
  • Is it possible to use a personal image?
    You have the option to use your own image; however, certain standards must be adhered to. Therefore, our team will analyze the proposed image based on the desired dimensions. For us, it is essential to: Respect copyright laws; Use an image taken by a professional-grade camera offering maximum sharpness and adequate DPI (dots per inch). If these two criteria are met, please have your image analyzed by our team by contacting us via the "Contact us" section of our website. You will receive a response within seven business days to determine if your image can be used.
  • Can I order panels with more than one image?
    Absolutely! You have the option to order multiple images for your project with the SELECT, ARTISTS, and TAILOR-MADE collections.
  • How can I determine if elements of my image will be cut by a seam?
    Our team will analyze a visual proof of the selected and approved image, except for the INSPIRE COLLECTION. Therefore, you'll have the opportunity to modify the image if important visual elements are lost. It's important to note that not all images are subject to modifications, as we need to ensure the quality and proportions of the image.
  • What is the maximum size of the panels?
    The maximum size of a panel is 6 feet by 10 feet. However, the advantage of Muraluxe lies in its ability to create continuous images across multiple panels, thus offering adaptability in size according to the project. Here are some specifics: For showers, seams are placed every 6 feet at most. For backsplashes, seams are left to the customer's choice. For example, it's possible to opt for a seam on a maximum length of 10 feet, but this is only possible when the maximum height is 6 feet or less. In summary, our team will study your project to match it as closely as possible to your expectations. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the "Contact us" section of our website or visit one of our distributors.
  • What is the difference between the available protective finish options?
    We offer three types of protective finishes: Matte (non-reflective, no apparent shine) Satin (semi-glossy, slightly shiny) Glossy (standard glossiness, completely shiny appearance) For cleaning advice for your panels, please refer to the "Maintenance & warranty" section of our website.
  • How can I ensure optimal maintenance of my panels to prolong their lifespan?
    Recommended maintenance tips: Use our range of products specially designed for Muraluxe panels. Muraclean: Muraclean is suitable for all types of protective finishes on our panels. It's recognized as the best deep cleaning solution in its category. Try it on your glass, fixtures, etc., to effectively remove stubborn residues. Matte finish is as easy to maintain as glossy finish. For regular cleaning, if you don't have our dedicated products, we recommend using mild, solvent-free, pH-neutral or very low pH cleaners. The use of products containing bleach is strictly prohibited. Murashine: Murashine is a light cleaner formulated with a beading agent specially designed for our panels. This beading agent protects the finish of your panels, providing slight protection against abrasion. Try it on your glass, fixtures, etc. You'll be impressed by its effectiveness on many surfaces. You can purchase Muraclean and Murashine from our partner distributors and on our "Online boutique".
  • Why are there small imperfections on my panels and what can be done about it?
    Like many surfaces protected by a sealant, our Muraluxe panels may exhibit slight imperfections visible in the protective sealant. How is this possible? Our Muraluxe panels go through several manufacturing steps. The first step involves printing the chosen image. During this phase, the panel is meticulously cleaned and dusted. However, despite our efforts to maintain a controlled production environment, it's impossible to completely eliminate certain dust particles that may settle between the panel and the digital print during the printing process. The second step involves the application of the protective sealant. When the sealant is applied, some of these particles may become trapped as small dots. Although present, these dots do not affect the strength or durability of the product in any way. We always strive to eliminate and polish these small imperfections as much as possible. However, once polished, these imperfections underneath the print may appear as small white dots, a common phenomenon on many objects treated similarly. It's important to note that we do not apply any plastic or vinyl film to our panels. Our manufacturing process is entirely based on 100% printing.
  • How can I place an order for panels with the appropriate dimensions for a backsplash?
    Please note that we do not perform panel cutting at the factory. Cuts will be made during installation to minimize the risk of errors. Therefore, please order the panels with maximum height and length dimensions.
  • How can I obtain more information about your products?
    Feel free to ask your questions to the nearest distributor. The staff is specially trained to address all your inquiries. If you need additional information, don't hesitate to contact us directly. We'll be delighted to provide you with the necessary information to bring your project to life.
  • Where can I purchase Muraluxe panels?
    You can purchase Muraluxe panels from all our distributors. Delivery is arranged directly through them. For home delivery options, please inquire with your distributor. Muraluxe does not provide home deliveries, except for products available in our "Online boutique".
  • How can I obtain a quote?
    To receive a detailed quote, simply get in touch with the nearest distributor to you. They'll be able to answer all your questions and provide you with the best option. You can find the list of retailers in the "Find a distributor" section.
  • Do you offer programs for contractors, designers, or architects?
    Are you a contractor, designer, or architect? Great! You can contact us directly to select and receive up to five samples of our panels, along with additional information. If you're considering placing an order, it's simple! Just meet with an advisor at one of our distributors to get a quote for your project. Do you have a large-scale project? Let us see what our team can do for you. Contact us directly, and we'll facilitate the connection between you and the distributor. If you're interested in becoming a distributor, that's fantastic! Visit our website to submit an inquiry or call us directly. We'll be happy to connect you with the agent responsible for your region.
  • What items are included in the packaging of my Muraluxe panels?
    In each Muraluxe box, you will find: An installation guide Your Muraluxe panels Finishing moldings corresponding to your order Depending on your project, a roof flashing per corner will be included. The roof flashing is installed in the corner of your shower before gluing the panels.
  • What should I do if I want to have my panels installed?
    Although panel installation is straightforward, we've thought of making it even easier for you. If you wish to engage a certified Muraluxe installer, please refer to the "Find a distributor" page on our website or contact your in-store advisor for recommendations. Please note that installation fees will be applied by the installers, and these fees will be adjusted based on the specifics of your project. If no installer is available or if you prefer Muraluxe to handle the installation of your panels, please contact us at Studio Muraluxe.
  • Is it possible to install my panels on studs (unfinished drywall walls)?
    Warning! It is strictly prohibited to directly fix Muraluxe panels on studs. The panels must be glued onto a completely flat and stable surface to ensure perfect adhesion and to avoid any gaps behind the panels. Please refer to the installation guide for more details.
  • How can I proceed with the installation of my shower base?
    You can install the Muraluxe panels in your shower by yourself. However, it's crucial to carefully follow the supplier's instructions to correctly install your shower base. Here are the three steps to follow for proper installation: First, install your shower base, ensuring it is perfectly leveled and secured to the wall studs. Attach your drywall panels to the studs, leaving a gap at the bottom (drywall walls should not touch the shower base). Lay the waterproofing membrane at least 24 hours before installing the Muraluxe panels. You can also refer to the video tutorial in the "Installation" section of our website for more details.
  • How do I proceed with the installation of shower glass?
    You can install your shower glass and door directly onto the Muraluxe panels. Here's how to proceed: Pre-drill the panel. Screw your glass and door onto the panel. The panel, previously glued with silicone, will serve as an anchor for your glass.
  • What dimensions should my panels have for a 36" by 48" shower base?
    If your shower base measures 36" by 48", you can order panels of 36" by 48" (at your preferred height). It's important to note that your shower base has been installed on studs and not on drywall. Therefore, the Muraluxe panels will extend beyond your shower base by approximately 5/8" on each side. This will allow you to attach your glass directly to the Muraluxe panels. For the SELECT, ARTISTS, and TAILOR-MADE collections, you can order panels in the dimensions of your choice, considering a maximum width of 60" before seams.
  • What is the role of the roof flashing when installing a panel in the shower?
    The roof flashing prevents any water infiltration. When applying the finishing sealant, it's essential to leave a small gap at the bottom of the corner to allow water to drain in case of potential infiltration.
  • Is it possible to install a shower niche using Muraluxe panels as cladding?
    Installing a niche with Muraluxe panels is entirely feasible. The installation method is similar to what you would use for a window in the shower. Firstly, test fit the panel in its entirety to confirm that the walls and shower base are perfectly square. Then proceed with the usual cuts and drilling, considering the dimensions of your niche. Refer to the installation guide for a detailed and comprehensive procedure.
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