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    The INSPIRE COLLECTION is our most accessible range. It is characterized by: - A standard size shower or bath-shower; - A choice of 7 sets; - A finish of your choice; - A fast delivery time. For this collection, order at one of our distributors near you.
  • Is it possible to modify the EXPRESS COLLECTION?
    As one of the main characteristics of the INSPIRE collection is the speed of delivery, no option can be chosen for this collection.
    The SELECTED COLLECTION is customizable. It is characterized by: A choice of dimensions (up to 120 inches x 72 inches) allowing application as a shower liner, backsplash, fireplace, accent wall and more; Over 200 image choices; Three choices of finish (matte, semi-gloss or gloss); An optional nanoparticle treatment. Order this collection by contacting one of our distributors in the Distributors section of our site.
    The ARTISTS COLLECTION is unique. It is characterized by: A choice of dimensions (up to 120 inches x 72 inches) allowing application as a shower liner, backsplash, fireplace, accent wall and more; Several choices of works signed by Quebec and International artists (a royalty is given back to the artists); Three choices of finishes (matte, semi-gloss or gloss) ; An optional nanoparticle treatment. Order this collection by contacting one of our distributors in the Distributors section of our site.
  • What is the CUSTOM COLLECTION?
    The CUSTOM COLLECTION is inspiring and meaningful. It features an interview with the creative team to create your masterpiece. First of all, for the creation of your masterpiece, you will have an interview with the creative team who will be interested in collecting basic information about your project (such as dimensions of the room, style of decor, inspirations, textures, colors, etc.). Then, we will continue the work with an introspection to learn more about the fields of interest and passions of each individual. Thus, our team can create a work that combines the different aspects of each individual's personality, resulting in a unique and representative finish. Finally, the particularity of an original creation signed Muraluxe is that it can be made at any stage of the project: the team can create a unique work that will serve as a basis for establishing the complete design of the room, or the work can be made to fit into an already created layout. For this collection, we ask that you contact us directly by going to the Contact Us section of our site.
  • Can I use my own image?
    You can use your own image. However, there are standards to be met. Therefore, an analysis of the proposed image, according to the desired dimensions, must be made by our team. For us, it is essential to: - Respect copyrights; - Use an image taken by a professional camera with maximum sharpness and DPI (Dots per Inch). If these two elements are respected, have your image analyzed by our team by contacting us in the Contact us section of our site. You will receive a response within seven business days to find out if your image can be used.
  • Can I order panels with more than one image?
    Yes! It is quite possible to order more than one image for your project with the SELECT, ARTISTS and CUSTOM COLLECTIONS. However, it is not possible to do this with the EXPRESS COLLECTION.
  • How do I know if elements of my image will be lost at a joint?
    Our team will analyze a visual proof of the selected and approved image with the exception of the EXPRESS COLLECTION. As a result, you will be able to modify the image in the event of the loss of an important visual element of your image. Warning! Not all images are editable, as we must respect the quality of the image as well as its aspect ratio.
  • What is the maximum size of the panels?
    The maximum size of our panels is 6 feet by 10 feet. However, the size is adjustable depending on the project. Here are some specifics: For showers, there are joints every 6 feet maximum. For the backsplashes, the joints are at the customer's choice. For example, it is possible to opt for a joint over a maximum length of 10 feet. This is possible only when the maximum height is 6 feet or less. In short, our team will analyze your project so that it meets your expectations as much as possible. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us in the Contact Us section of our site or you can visit one of our Distributors.
  • What is the difference between panel finishes?
    We have three different finishes: Matte (finish without sheen, complete lack of sheen); Satin (semi-gloss finish, low sheen); Gloss (standard finish, 100% gloss). It's important to use the right cleaner for the finish.
  • How do I properly MAINTAIN my panels to prolong their lifespan?
    Recommended maintenance: Use our range of products created for Muraluxe panels: Muraclean or Murashine. Each product has its purpose. For matte, satin and gloss panels: Muraclean is designed for all panel finishes. It is the best deep cleanser in its class. Try it on your windows, faucets, etc. to effectively remove hard-to-remove residues. The matte finish is as easy to maintain as the glossy finish. For regular maintenance, if you do not have our homemade products on hand, we suggest that you use mild cleansers with a neutral or very low PH. The use of a solvent-free product is required. It is forbidden to use any products containing bleach. For gloss and satin panels: You should not use Murashine on panels with a matte finish. Murashine is a lightweight cleaner composed of a beading agent and a gloss enhancer designed for gloss and satin panels. This beading agent will increase the luster of all panels, which will create a sheen in matte panels. Also try it on your windows, faucets, etc. You won't be disappointed to find that the beading agent actually works on many surfaces. You can get Muraclean and Murashine at our participating Distributors and on our online store. Did you know? All of our panels can be polished like a car.
  • My panels have small imperfections. Why? What to do?
    Like the majority of surfaces using a protective sealant, our Muraluxe panels have small visible imperfections in the protective sealant. How is this possible? Muraluxe panels must go through several manufacturing steps. The first step is to print the chosen image. During this first step, the panel is cleaned and dusted as much as possible. However, when the printer is in operation and it moves to print, it can happen that dust particles fall on the panel and end up between the panel itself and the digital print. Although we print in a controlled environment, it is absolutely impossible to remove some particles. The second step is the application of the protective sealant. This one is applied by hand. Once the sealant is applied, some particles look like small pimples. Although they may be present, they in no way affect the resistance and durability of the product. We always try to eliminate and/or polish small imperfections as much as possible. Unfortunately, once polished, these small imperfections that are below the print become small white dot, just like most of the objects that have received a similar treatment. N.B. Please note that we do not stick any plastic wrap or vinyl on our panels.
  • For a backsplash, how to order the panels with the right dimensions?
    Be aware that we do not cut the panels at the factory. Cuts will be made during installation to minimize the risk of error. Therefore, ensure ordering panels with the maximum height and length.
  • How to get more information about your products?
    Ask your questions to the distributor nearest you. Advisors are trained to answer your questions. If you need more details, contact us directly. It will be our pleasure to find the necessary answers for the realization of your project.
  • Where can I get Muraluxe panels?
    You can get Muraluxe panels from all our distributors. Delivery is made directly to them. Home delivery options must be managed with your distributor. No home deliveries are made by Muraluxe except for online orders.
  • How to get a quote?
    To obtain a proper quote, simply contact the distributor nearest you. This distributor will be able to answer your questions and offer you the best option. You will find retailers under the ''Distributors'' tab.
  • I am a designer or an architect.
    You are a designer or an architect. Great ! You can communicate directly with us to choose and receive your samples and information on our panels. Would you like to place an order? It's easy! You will need to meet with a consultant at one of our distributors in order to receive a quote for your project. Do you have a big project? Let's see what our team can do. Contact us directly and we will establish the link between the distributor and you. Do you want to become a distributor? Great ! Go to our site in the Distributors section and send us a request or call us directly and we will be happy to meet you to discuss your project.
  • I am an entrepreneur.
    You are an entrepreneur. Let's do business together! You can promote our products in your projects. To do so, contact us directly through the Contact Us section and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your project. Did you know you can also become a Muraluxe Installer? Discuss with a member of our team for more information on this subject
  • What is delivered in my box of Muraluxe panels?
    Inside each Muraluxe box, you will find: An installation guide; Your Muraluxe panels; The finishing mouldings of your order; If the installation is done in the shower, a 2” by 2” aluminum flashing per corner will be included. The flashing is to be installed in the corner of your shower before gluing the panels.
  • I want to have my panel installed, what should I do?
    We understand your concern. Although the panels are simple to install, we have thought of you. Contact a certified Muraluxe installer by referring to the "Installation & installers" page of our site. Admittedly, installation costs will be charged by the installers and they will be adjusted according to the specifications of your project. There is no installer available or you want Muraluxe to install your panels, please contact us after purchasing your panel from one of our distributors.
  • Can I install my panels on studs (unfinished gypsum wall)?
    Warning! It is prohibited to install Muraluxe panels directly on studs. The panels must absolutely be glued to a 100% flat and stable surface to ensure perfect gluing and to avoid any voids at the back of the panels. Walls can be finished in gypsum, plywood or Schlüter membrane.
  • How do I install my shower base?
    It is possible to install your Muraluxe panels in the shower yourself. However, it is very important to carefully follow the supplier's instructions for the installation of your shower base. Here are the steps to follow for a compliant installation: 1- Install your shower base before installing any Muraluxe panels. It must first be leveled and fixed to the wall studs. ; 2- Install your gypsum panels screwed to the studs while making sure to leave a space at the bottom (the gypsum walls must not touch the shower base). ; 3- Install the waterproofing membrane at least 24 hours before installing the Muraluxe panels. You can view the video capsule in the Installation section of our site.
  • How to install shower screens?
    You can install your glass and your shower door directly on the Muraluxe panels. How to do it? Pre-drill the panel; Screw your windows and door to the panel. The panel, being previously glued with silicone, will serve as an anchor for your windows.
  • What dimensions would I need for my panels with a 36" by 48" shower base?
    If your shower base measures 36” by 48”, you can order 36” by 48” panels (height of your choice). Remember that your shower base was installed on the studs and not on the drywall. As a result, the Muraluxe panels will protrude from your shower base by approximately 5/8'' on each side of your base. So you can fix your windows directly on the Muraluxe panels. You can order the panels in the dimensions of your choice for the SELECT, ARTISTS and CUSTOM COLLECTIONS, taking into account the maximum width of 60” before the joints.
  • What is the use of the flashing when installing a panel in the shower?
    The flashing prevents any water infiltration. When applying the finishing seal, it is important to leave a small hole in the bottom of the corner to allow water drainage if infiltration should occur.
  • Can I install a shower niche with a Muraluxe shower panel? If yes, how?
    It is quite possible to install a niche with Muraluxe shower panels. The way to install them is similar to how you would install a window in the shower. First, test the panel in its entirety to confirm that the walls and the shower base are square. Then make the usual cutouts and drilling, adding the measurements of your niche. Refer to the installation guide for the complete and detailed procedure.


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